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Dive Into the New Age of Immersive Experiences

SliiceXR specializes in crafting web3 marketing strategies that leverage emerging technologies. Our comprehensive suite of traditional and digital marketing services enhances your brand's ability to attract, engage, and expand your target audience. Our team of experts is well-versed in inbound, outbound, and hi-tech marketing tactics, ensuring a consistent experience across all media channels. Our services include:


  • Brand script and core customer definitions with Sliice’s signature BrandStormTM 

  • Focus group coordination and management

  • Actualization of your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

  • Establishment of  your brand archetype

  • Crafting your key communication points and Calls To Action (CTAs)

  • Building a compelling story


  • Defining or confirming your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

  • Finding the right business model

  • Prototyping possibilities

  • Creating your user journey

  • Defining your areas of influence

  • Crafting a lead generation and content strategy

  • Designing your style guide

  • Globalization and localization

Design - Music - Animation

  • Website design (Landing pages - e-commerce integration - back-end programming)

  • Web and app design

  • Metaworld design

  • Screenwriting and scriptwriting

  • Designing the overall architecture and decor of your metaverse world (indoor and outdoor)

  • NFTs - Graphics - VR/AR/XR Animations - AI implementation

  • Original score music


  • Social media marketing

  • OTT/CTV (Connected TV) Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Youtube channel management

  • Public Relations

  • Influencer marketing

  • Inbound marketing

  • LinkedIn lead generation

  • Event organizing and management

Project Management

We use the AgileFall Process - An interactive process that allows metaverse speed creative design that reflects what’s trending now, managed with a project methodology  that ensures a quality product is released with sound checks and balances. 

Explore New Possibilities!

If you haven't spent much time in the Metaverse, it may be challenging to envision how to leverage it effectively. However, major brands are already established or positioned for the inevitable move. Monetization opportunities abound.

The Metaverse offers endless possibilities, from dancing and learning to exploring underwater worlds or relaxing in a bubble bath. It's like selecting a primary social media platform - choosing the right Metaverse depends on your target audience and brand.

Ask yourself fundamental questions such as, "Who is my target avatar? Which platform will they be using? What are their needs?" to determine the ideal Metaverse for your company.

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