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Forward Looking. Always.

The office


Welcome to SliiceXR, founded by Catherine Allibe-Oaks (MBA), a renowned global marketer from Paris, France. After working and living around the world, Catherine settled in the United States in 2000 and brought with her a visionary approach to branding and marketing. Her mission is to transcend traditional methods, using innovative strategies to guide the subconscious mind towards creating positive and transformative experiences.


What sets SliiceXR apart is our unique blend of design and advanced Web3 technology. We don't just create visually stunning brands. We craft immersive, interactive experiences that seamlessly integrate advanced technologies like XR, AR, AI, and VR. Let us help you redefine what's possible for your brand in the digital age. 

Creativity that Inspires.

At the forefront of modern brand design and the virtual era stands SliiceXR, a global transformative WEB 3.0 agency fueled by unparalleled creative power. Our dynamic team of brand strategists, writers, storytellers, XR, AR, AI, and VR developers, designers, digital architects, and social media managers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of your brand.


Harnessing our expertise in emerging technologies and innovative branding strategies, SliiceXR empowers you to capture additional market share and elevate your brand awareness to new heights. 

Marketing agency

Meet the Avengers of the Branding World

Catherine Oaks

Founder, CEO
& Creative Director


Catherine Allibe-Oaks

Katelyn Whittemore

Social Media Director

Katelyn Whittemore

Adelle Oaks

VP, Project Management

Adelle Oaks

And many more that are our secret sauce...

Nadhir Douma

VP, Business Development


Nadhir Douma

Akram Amri

Partner, Strategy & Information Systems

Mohamed Touati

Partner, Web and UX Solutions

Mohamed Touati

Jihed Jaouabi

Partner, Gaming, AR, VR, MOCAP


Amit Khatkar

Director SEO
& Google Strategist

Amit Khatkar

Ons Essaddi 

Partner, Brand & Product Design

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