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 Work Samples

Case Studies


We spearheaded the creation and launch of the Legacy Bank brand, ensuring a cohesive and impactful introduction to the market. Our comprehensive approach included handling their social media marketing and LinkedIn lead generation campaigns to boost online presence and engagement. We also managed the website launch, and created an animated video.  Additionally, we developed print collateral to complement their digital efforts, ensuring consistent and effective communication across all mediums. Through our strategic and creative efforts, we successfully positioned Legacy Bank as a trusted and innovative financial institution.

Social media post

ENNOCONN (A Foxconn Company)

We undertook a comprehensive redesign of Ennoconn's logo, brand positioning, and website to elevate their identity as the leader in the Industrial Metaverse. Our team crafted a modern and dynamic logo that encapsulates their innovative spirit and industry leadership. We strategically repositioned their brand to highlight their cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking approach, ensuring it resonates with their target audience. The new website and its video, designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, provides an immersive user experience that showcases Ennoconn's expertise and vision in the Industrial Metaverse. Through these efforts, we successfully reinforced Ennoconn's status as a trailblazer in their field.

Website design


Legacy Bank has been supported by Catherine and her amazing team at SliiceXR for the past 2 years. She is unbelievably responsive, creative, forward-thinking, an inspiring individual and thinks about growth of the business constantly. Catherine adds tremendous value and makes working on marketing projects such as social media, SEO optimization, event planning, developing the brand, Digital screens, ad creation and writing amazing articles to name just a few an absolute breeze. From your smallest project to a large multi faceted project Catherine will leave you wanting more of what she has to offer. We are so fortunate to have found her and we know you’ll come to love her as much as we do.

Kathy Gonzales
Chief Banking Officer - Legacy Bank 

SliiceXR was instrumental in establishing our website. Of greater import, she greatly aided us in gaining market awareness and capitalizing on the market recognition we already had. Besides the website, Catherine hosted a weekly podcast wherein we shared our views and insights regarding significant developments in our industry and their short- and long-term implications for our business and our clients.

Joshua Barone

SVP - Farther

I needed a website that captured me: a wicked combination of high energy, fun, and function. Catherine nailed it! is crystal clear in its messaging and target thanks to SliiceXR; she bit into this project whole-heartedly and delivered. When you’re ready for your website makeover, call Catherine!

Liz Goodgold
Brand Champion


We helped Jae Davis develop her brand as an experiential marketing expert by leveraging the power of social media to elevate her awareness and expand her professional network. Our strategy began with a thorough analysis of her unique strengths and industry insights, which we then translated into a compelling brand narrative. We created and curated engaging content that highlighted her expertise, innovative approaches, and successful case studies in experiential marketing. By implementing targeted social media campaigns, we increased her visibility among key industry stakeholders and potential clients. 

LinkedIn marketing


We rebranded AR-tripp to create a fresh, impactful identity that stands out in the competitive travel industry. We began with designing a new logo that captures the essence of adventure and exploration, reflecting the vibrant spirit of AR-tripp. Our team then developed a strategic approach to differentiate AR-tripp meaningfully from competitors. We focused on their unique value proposition, highlighting their commitment to offering personalized and immersive travel experiences. To complement this, we introduced a new travel service specifically tailored to local communities, emphasizing authentic, local-centric travel experiences. See the intro video we created here.

UX Design

AIS - A Foxconn Company

We redesigned the AIS logo and website, positioning them as a leader in IoT technologies. Our team crafted a modern and dynamic logo that embodies innovation and technological excellence. The new website offers an enhanced user experience, featuring intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and streamlined access to information. By emphasizing AIS's cutting-edge solutions and industry expertise, we ensured that their online presence reflects their leadership in the IoT space. This rebranding effort not only strengthens AIS's market position but also enhances their ability to connect with clients and partners in a meaningful way.

Web development

Clear Demand

We undertook the redesign of the ClearDemand website to solidify their position as a leader in price and promotion optimization. The new website reflects their innovative approach and commitment to delivering top-tier solutions in the retail sector. Alongside the rebranding, we designed a sophisticated lead generation system utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This system allows ClearDemand to identify and connect with key decision-makers, streamline their outreach efforts, and cultivate valuable business relationships. Our comprehensive strategy not only elevates ClearDemand's brand identity but also enhances their ability to generate leads and drive growth in the competitive marketplace.

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