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Top 10 Horizon Worlds That You've Got To Visit

Discoverability in Horizon Worlds is far less systematic than on the internet. Human guides and word-of-mouth shape your experience instead of algorithms, cohorts, and the indexing of vast amounts of personal data. This will change drastically over the next five years. But for now, the metaverse is a meritocracy where creators showcase each other’s work through cross-linking and cross-promotion.

Once acclimated to 3D, you will understand how Horizon Worlds is a place for real-time experiences, conversation, and collaboration. The most interesting experiences in the metaverse are not searchable. Moving between worlds is gamified, and portals to new worlds are found within curated Hubs. Many metaverse events and worlds are like raves—you need an invitation to find the party. For example, you meet a guide in a public world at a set time, a crowd gathers at the waypoint, and you’re led to a new world to participate in activities that run the gamut from wholesome to illicit.

The best jumping-off point is More Doors - Hub of Hubs. As you enter, you will notice a placard that reads (sic):

Three hubs for Horizon groups, to gather social creatures

Seven for social influencers, who in live YouTube houses

Nine for builder-artisans, doomed ne’er to be featured

One door for The Plaza, on the Meta Throne

Enter the Land of More Doors, when hub portals lie

One hub to gather them all

So Horizonites can find them

One Hub of Hubs to draw players, all

To hubs of those who designed them

Enter the Land of More Doors, where hub portals lie

SliiceXR’s specialty is business in the metaverse, so we’ll leave the reviews of 3D games to other channels. Instead, here are ten experiential worlds for new Horizonites to explore. These are all searchable and glitch-free. As you become more and more comfortable interacting as an avatar in 3D, the map of worlds you visit will become as unique as you are.

  1. VR American Idol

Do you watch American Idol and say, “ I could do that!” Thanks to the metaverse, you have your chance. When you enter the VR American Idol world, you have the option of being a guest, a performer, or a judge. The studio is often empty on weekdays, but Saturday nights are hoppin’. Contestants sing, the audience votes, and judges critique. Kidding aside, this world offers a comfortable and supportive way to test your vocal skills in front of an audience.

2. Soapstone Comedy Club

The metaverse offers several comedy clubs where you can try out your funny business. Out of the few clubs I visited, I enjoyed the crowd at the Soapstone. The comedy here is squeaky clean—no swear words or off-color humor allowed. Drop an F-bomb, and you’ll be respawned before you can say, “Excuse my French.” Designed by world creator Unemployed Alcoholic, the inspiration behind the Soapstone is a kinder and gentler open mic stage free of hecklers. Professional comics also perform several times per week. Check the calendar on the wall inside the club for the schedule.

3. VIRT Theater

VIRT Theater is the only one of its kind in the Horizon Worlds as of May 2022, and it’s a wonderful theater group at that. At the performance, I met a producer from a similar theater in VRChat who was checking out the Horizonites. Arts and entertainment groups are noticing the opportunity to reach new audiences. The two-women show I attended was touching and immersive. The performance ran for about half an hour and ended with a Q&A.

4. Horizon Botanical Museum

Created for Horizon’s #SpringJam22, the Horizon Botanical Garden is one of my picks for the grand prize. Currently, this world leads to five meticulously crafted and researched subworlds, each a unique ecosystem, including desert, aquatic, rainforest, swamp, and marine. Before you leave, visit the gift shop and snap a photo in a plant wearable.

5. Train Destiny

Many of my favorite worlds are simply chill hangouts. These destinations make for great meeting spots and a jumping-off point for parties to explore and participate in activities. Go back in time to when train travel was the fashion. Sit down and take in the unfolding view outside the train windows. Try a 20s-style cloche hat and grab a cocktail. The world includes mini-games and private compartments for conversations.

6. Cyberpunk

More than a game, Cyberpunk is a plunge into a dystopian world of the future. Outsmart robots, discover clues, unlock secret rooms, and follow the storyline. An IRL equivalent to this experiential world is an escape room. However, it’s also a wonderful place to explore and polish your avatar motor skills. Group games are limited to eight participants, so invite your party and play.

7. Timo’s Dragon Villa

Timo’s has lots of interaction. Fly on a cloud or pilot a dragon. Pick up a wand to jump and claim your pet. Warm yourself by the campfire. This is a comfortable place to spend time in the metaverse, but behind the scenes, sophisticated scripting runs the show. This world is featured because it illustrates the potential of the metaverse, and this is only the beginning. Places like Timo’s will become more interactive as the capability of Horizon Worlds rolls out.

8. Cloud Beach

The winner from the most chillax world of Horizon is Cloud Beach by a nose. I had a tough time choosing between Mellow Mountain and Cloud Beach-Relax. Ultimately, Cloud Beach won because of the on-demand music and guided meditation. This world features swimming and a wellness center. It’s another excellent place for meetings and gatherings.

9. Spirit Within

Spirit Within was one of the first worlds created by the prolific Flutt3r. It is a relaxing meditation oasis with a pavilion, an outdoor meditation area, and a discussion nook. The calendar of group meditations is posted on the back wall. I suggest friending Flutt3r to confirm your chosen session. She welcomes new friends and is responsive to inquiries. When you arrive at the scheduled time, you may stay in Spirit Within or hop to one of several sister worlds for seated, walking, or flying sessions. Yep, some of Flutt3r’s worlds are zero gravity! You can’t find that IRL.

10. Thrive Senior Community

Last but not least is the Thrive Senior Community. Many communities form in Horizon Worlds, but Thrive is my pick for consistency and conversation. I’ve been disappointed by no-shows or disruptive guests in other worlds—that never happens at Thrive. This world illustrates how the metaverse offers solutions to previously unsolvable social issues like socialization for seniors in isolation. The Thrive Center calendars up to three outings or activities per week, including virtual speed friending, botanical garden tours, VR theater productions, wellness talks, bingo, etc. It's open to all ages. I'm 52 and love the place! All I ask is that you be mature, respectful, and kind when here

After you’ve tried a few of our selections, jump back to More Doors - Hub of Hubs to peruse through dozens of portals organized in rings of categories. If you find your interaction or experiences uncomfortable at first, a Sliice Power Tip is to relax with a Tripp guided meditation before adventuring and socializing. Download Tripp from the App Explorer on the Home menu in your VR visor.

If your ambition is to build worlds yourself or contract development from an agency like Sliice Marketing for your company, Meta has earmarked ten million US dollars toward creator education and community building. As I’ve mentioned before, the support within the developer and early adopter communities has the same new frontier feel that the early 90s internet had. Your opportunity to distinguish yourself and take advantage of Meta subsidizing your efforts is now and only now.

Need help? Contact Sliice! We are the first global agency dedicated to metaverse marketing and design. We will build crystal clear messaging that resonates with your audience in and outside the metaverse. Don’t go it alone—partner with us and claim your slice of the metaverse today.

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