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Shaping a Future of
Equality & Sustainability 

The implications of the metaverse are numerous. Our growing ability to work, learn, travel, and socialize from the comfort of an armchair can reduce the carbon footprint of daily human behavior to a negligible amount. Furthermore, the metaverse can eliminate borders, both physical and mental. We can foster a new time of inclusiveness, expression, respect, and enjoyment. Together, we have the opportunity to shape a future of equality and sustainability. 

Founder & CEO

Crafting  the  Unimaginable

SliiceXR was built by Catherine Allibe-Oaks (MBA), a Paris France-born renowned global marketer who lived and worked all over the world before landing in the United States in 1997. 

Her vision is to take branding and marketing to planes where the unconscious mind is smoothly, smartly and honorably guided to spawn positive, life-altering experiences. 

In 2019, a major global player hired her to build one of the first global industrial metaverse brands. That experience made her realize that she had just touched the surface of the technology that would change the world. It was time to build a strategy and a team to offer the services that would soon be needed by all. 


Movers & Shakers

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

As a transformative metaverse agency, SliiceXR sits at the crossroads of modern brand design and the virtual era. Our team of brand strategists, writers, storytellers, XR, AI, VR developers, designers, digital architects and social media managers will guide you to push the boundaries of your brand. From smart technology to extended reality, SliiceXR's advanced branding process will allow you to stake your claim in the metaverse before your competitors do. 

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