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Metaverse Packages

Rent or Own

Rent An Existing World* 

Need a stunning world fast for a product launch, to hold a meeting or throw a company party? Rent an existing space we will brand for you in just a few days.
A low cost - no risk option for your brand!

World rentals starts at $295/day


We Build Your Own Branded World*

 Let us build your very own storefront, virtual office, community center, showroom or meeting place . Create an experience

your audience will love and grow loyalty and traffic to your stores and digital platforms.

Your investment starts at $15,900


*The space within the metaverse that can be built is often referred to as a "World", just like on the Internet the space that can be built for a company is called a "Website" or a "Site”.

Blue Smoke

For social media, web design and other
marketing packages, please contact us

metaverse spaces


Rent one of our worlds and hold an event, summit, or trade show there. SliiceXR offers a choice of stunning worlds where you can launch a product, hold a meeting, or throw a company party. We also offer worlds architected for trade shows and conferences with booth spaces and workshop facilities.


Add-on event services provided by SliiceXR include: 

​       Phase 1 - Set up and customization

  • Custom branding
    (apply your logo, brand colors, virtual products, wearables, and more to your world)

    Phase 2 - Event facilitation

  • Corporate meetings

  • Trade shows

  • Product demonstrations

  • Holiday events

  • Focus groups

  • Press announcements

  • Mini-games

  • Booth rental management

  • Advertising


SliiceXR starts with a thorough assessment of your company’s culture, mission, brand, services, and products before conceptualizing and executing your metaverse world. This is an important distinction because the metaverse is not set up to attract from the inside at this time. Without a well-established and compelling platform, you will struggle to find an audience that will follow you to the metaverse.

Phase 1

  • BrandStormTM 

  • Goals definition

  • Identify your client avatar 

  • Establish your brand archetype and core values 

  • Actualize your Unique Value Proposition

  • Develop your key communication points 

Phase 2

  • Create your user journey

  • Storyboard your world

  • Craft a lead generation strategy

  • Write a project plan 

  • Plan your assets

Phase 3

  • 3D modeling 

  • Asset creation

  • Script integration

  • Quality assurance at every milestone

  • World launch 

  • Ongoing promotion

The metaverse may be virtual,
but the impact will be real.

Client Testimonials

Icon COLOR.png

Joe Fijak - Ennoconn Corporation 

“Ennoconn is steering the Industrial Metaverse for partners and customers. Our journey is eloquently described in detail on our impressive new website designed by SliiceXR. Ennoconn is highly committed to the continuous integration of IoT platforms and devices, Digital Transformation of tools and resources in this new and exciting race to the Industrial Metaverse. The new website, new logo, branding, tools, and resources are exactly what the market is looking for.” 

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