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Your Pathway 
to the Future

  • Build a Web3, metaverse-friendly brand

  • Explore immersive storytelling options

  • Showcase your products in a 3D setting

  • Grow loyalty with gamification

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Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Metaverse  

SliiceXR guides brands to enter a new era of digital change with VR, AR, and XR solutions that fully integrate 2D or 3D creative assets into any current and future metaverse platforms.

Let's Build a Web3 Brand that Shines Like a Supernova!

Capture the Exploding
Web3.0 Economy


XR is drastically transforming business as we know it with projected metaverse fueled gains of 35% through 2028. 

The metaverse is jam-packed with innovative, user-generated content from virtual stores to fashion shows, product launches, corporate events, concerts, and educational opportunities. Brands like Gucci, Nike, and Disney have invested in creating metaverse experiences, but consumer experiences are nowhere near saturation.

Good news for the rest of us—you don’t have to spend a fortune to stand out if you start now! Being an early adopter will save you money, and engaging organically has a much more significant impact when the user base is still relatively small. 

The global AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by the end of 2022. Are you ready to ride the web 3.0 wave?


Guiding brands
in  the metaverse
in 4 strategic steps

Tailor-made web 3.0 platforms require a clear strategic plan in order to successfully establish the next stages of growth for world leading brands. 

1. BrandStormtm

Before SliiceXR recommends the right metaverse positioning for you, we start with a deep dive into your brand. Our signature BrandStorm™ session is designed to move you past the script you’ve been using for years. We lead you through a series of creative exercises to get to the heart of your brand. The assessment allows us to design your brand script, customer avatar, and style guide. These deliverables become the immersive narrative of your company’s metaverse experience. 

2. Strategy

Your BrandScript session leads us to your company's ideal platform that will drive business transformation. Our project managers  supervise all phases of planning and execution. Our high-touch, iterative process ensures a quality experience for you and your customers with a team available to answer any questions throughout your contract and beyond. Work with us and enjoy a world-class client communication and project transparency, the trademarks of our brand.

3. Build & Operate

You’re the visionary, we are the architects. The SliiceXR team storyboards the consumer or business operations journey to ensure the experience you imagine is the experience your users have. We offer choices and recommendations based on your BrandStorm styles guide to craft your custom assets, including scripts, ecommerce, graphics, animation, video, and music. Your project is thoroughly tested, and internet entry points are built before publication.

4. Launch & Publicity

SliiceXR’s metaverse marketing strategy includes continuous campaigns that draw your audience to your metaverse world. Launching your world and hosting regular events gives your customers exclusive activities to participate in beyond the typical hangouts and games. Additionally, it connects your staff and audience in a virtual community. SliiceXR specializes in events and launches that include focus groups, games, product demos, press releases, and much more. 

“Ennoconn is steering the Industrial Metaverse for partners and customers. Our journey is eloquently described in detail on our impressive new website designed by SliiceXR. Ennoconn is highly committed to the continuous integration of IoT platforms and devices, Digital Transformation of tools and resources in this new and exciting race to the Industrial Metaverse. The new website, new logo, branding, tools, and resources are exactly what the market is looking for.” 

Joe Fijak - Ennoconn Corporation 

Hi! I’m Catherine Oaks, Founder & CEO of SliiceXR, a transformative global branding agency dedicated to brand clarity and metaverse design. As an MBA, webmaster, international business expert, and former professor of marketing at the University of Nevada, my team and I will confidently lead your company into the 3D immersive age of the metaverse. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as global personalities in media, entertainment, and politics.


The time to harness the power of the metaverse is now! Our  team of brand strategists, storytellers, XR, AI, VR developers, designers, digital architects, and social media managers will create unforgettable experiences for your audience, grow their loyalty to your brand, and create noticeable competitive advantages. 

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