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Grab a Slice of the
Metaversal Web3

  • Grow sales with cutting-edge marketing tactics

  • Generate new revenues with VR, AR, AI & XR

  • Engage your audience with captivating 3D experiences

  • Grow loyalty with gamification  


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We Propel Brands into the Next Generation Era

SliiceXR aids brands in seizing new markets and producing additional revenue sources 
using VR, AR, AI, and XR technologies.

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Capture the Exploding
Metaversal Web 3.0 Economy

The world, as we know it, is undergoing a transformation with the emergence of XR technology. To remain competitive, businesses must utilize cutting-edge solutions tailored to the latest digital trends.


SliiceXR's expertise guides you in effectively engaging with your audience through innovative avenues, building a modern brand identity, unlocking new revenue streams, and staying ahead of the competition.

Projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2030, the global AR, VR, and XR markets are rapidly expanding. Are you prepared to ride the web3 wave?


Let us assist you in realizing the full potential of this dynamic digital landscape.

Hi there! I'm Catherine Oaks, CEO and Founder of SliiceXR - a ground-breaking global branding agency committed to assisting brands in discovering new revenue opportunities through contemporary initiatives.

Over the past 25 years, I have successfully propelled brands to substantial growth through innovative marketing and branding strategies.

SliiceXR's proficiency in emerging technologies will assist you in staking your claim in the metaverse ahead of your competitors.


Guiding brands
in 4 strategic steps

Tailor-made metaverse platforms require a clear strategic plan in order to successfully establish the next stages of growth for world leading brands. 

1. BrandStormtm

At SliiceXR, we begin the process of determining your optimal web 3 strategy by delving into the essence of your brand. Our proprietary BrandStorm™ session guides you through a series of imaginative exercises aimed at unlocking the core of your brand beyond the standard script that you may have been using for years. By conducting this assessment, we can develop your brand script, customer avatar, and style guide, which form the basis of your company's immersive narrative.

2. Strategy

Through your BrandScript session, we'll discover the perfect platform for your business transformation. SliiceXR's project managers will oversee all planning and execution phases with a high-touch, iterative approach to guarantee a quality experience for you and your customers. Our team will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout your contract and beyond, offering world-class client communication and project transparency as trademarks of our brand. 

3. Build & Operate

You’re the visionary, we are the architects. Our team carefully storyboards the journey of your consumers or business operations to ensure that the experience you envision is exactly what your users will have. We offer a range of choices and recommendations based on your BrandStorm style guide to create bespoke assets such as scripts, e-commerce tools, graphics, animation, video, and music. We conduct thorough testing and establish internet entry points prior to publication to ensure seamless deployment.

4. Launch & Publicity

At SliiceXR, we believe in an ongoing web 3.0 marketing strategy that keeps your audience engaged with your brand. By regularly hosting events and launching new features, we give your customers exclusive activities that go beyond typical virtual hangouts and games. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also strengthens connections between your staff and your audience. Our team specializes in creating immersive events and launches, including focus groups, product demos, games, press releases, and more.

“Ennoconn is steering the Industrial Metaverse for partners and customers. Our journey is eloquently described in detail on our impressive new website designed by SliiceXR. Ennoconn is highly committed to the continuous integration of IoT platforms and devices, Digital Transformation of tools and resources in this new and exciting race to the Industrial Metaverse. The new website, new logo, branding, tools, and resources are exactly what the market is looking for.” 

Joe Fijak - Ennoconn Corporation 

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