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Turn your art into an NFT

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

At SliiceXR, we create custom NFT projects and drops for companies like yours. NFT projects can be your primary income or used to market other services or products. For our clients, NFTs are typically used to promote a core offering. An easy way to wrap your head around NFTs is to think of them as media assets. Some collections are pure art, but the majority of NFTs are used in the same way as videos, podcasts, or social media images.

Today, I will show you the most straightforward and lowest-cost scenario for minting a single NFT. This demo includes creating your MetaMask wallet, minting your art, and placing an item on OpenSea for sale. Warning - it’s important that you know once you create an NFT on OpenSea, it is permanently logged on a blockchain. There are no takebacks. You can’t delete it, so select what you mint carefully.

The walls of Sliice Headquarters in Horizon Worlds are decorated with digital copies of artwork I painted. Today, I’m going to transform one of these paintings into an NFT on OpenSea. To mint means to upload the art for sale. To drop means to release the art to the public. Here is the painting I have selected for the demonstration. Note that if you are among the first people to see this video, you have the opportunity to buy this NFT, so act fast!

Before you can start the minting process, you will need a crypto wallet. For this demo, I will show you MetaMask You can use other wallets, but MetaMask instantly interfaces with Open Sea. The first step is to download the MetaMask Chrome extension if you’re on a computer. If you’re on a phone or tablet, get the app. The most important thing to remember when setting up a wallet is that you need to put your recovery passphrase in a secure place. If you lose it, you lose access to all the cryptocurrency in your wallet. Millions of dollars in crypto are forever frozen because the owners lost access to their wallets.

Next, go to OpenSea and link your MetaMask wallet to your account. Once you finish the legal agreements, click create. Upload your digital file, enter a link to your associated website, and write an NFT description. To avoid fees for this demo, we selected the Polygon blockchain. Ethereum, the chain on which OpenSea NFTs are minted, has usage fees based on traffic on the chain and computing power called gas. Gas fees are hundreds of dollars per transaction at this time, especially since the drop of Bored Ape’s Otherside. Polygon is a side-chain with much lower fees; it has no gas fees for minting now.

This data is like the stats of trading cards or video game characters. It takes some coding knowledge to add these.

And that’s it! My painting is now an NFT for sale. As you have seen in this demo, it’s extremely easy to mint an NFT. However, like most things, to drop an NFT collection in any meaningful or profitable way, the project takes far more planning, complexity, and work. Whether you’re launching a book, a business, or an NFT, you always need to execute a well-thought-out promotional strategy and communicate value.

Some things to consider:

  • Which blockchain do you want to use?

  • Do you want your NFT collection to be more discoverable, or do you have an established following?

  • How large will your collection be?

  • Who is the artist or artists?

  • Is your collection associated with unlockable content, a physical product, or membership?

  • Is it part of a game?

  • Will you build a community around your collection?

Hype and the cool factor play a big part in running a successful project. Consistency and engagement with your audience are also of the utmost importance. Doing this right takes a lot more time and planning than you might think. Need some help? Sliice Marketing can rapidly develop an NFT for your company, including creating and minting both 2D and 3D art, developing a metaverse experience or world that NFT holders gain access to, and hyping up your drop. We work with young, hip designers, artists, and coders who are plugged in to the trends and preferences of the Gen Z market.

Contact SliiceXR. We are the first global agency dedicated to metaverse marketing and design. We will build clear messaging that resonates with your audience inside and outside the metaverse. Don’t go it alone—partner with Sliice to gain visibility in the metaverse and stake your claim today.

Watch our video here.

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