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New Uses for Blockchain - IP and Ownership of Assets

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

What is Blockchain A simple way to understand the blockchain is as a decentralized accounting ledger. Records on the blockchain, known as blocks, can represent money, NFTs, documents, goods, and other assets. In the blockchain, an audit trail of a transaction is immutable across many-multiple computers. Anyone can look up and verify the chain of ownership, but it’s encrypted, so no user information is exposed, and the transaction can’t be forged. Copyright and Identity Protection Blockchain technology is a natural fit for copyright protection. Using the blockchain to protect intellectual property currently benefits artists and content creators in particular. This is an excellent system because it logs an undeniable record of ownership and prevents content theft, which typically happens in digital environments. The issue with copyright infringement, especially online, is that anyone can copy a piece of content and use it or claim it as their own. That problem goes away when all protected content is visible on a public ledger. Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline and decentralize the copyright registration process and help prevent IP theft. Furthermore, this kind of protection applies to all forms of ownership. For legal documents, the blockchain provides a tamper-evident, shared version of an agreement. The forensics of any activity that took place in a document is transparent providing an audit trail that exceeds anything that currently exists.

Receipts for Physical Goods Today, exchanging value for physical or digital assets implies trusting a third-party payment gateway and order system. Records are often incomplete and systems differ in quality and security. This can lead to financial disputes and even legal actions. By removing the need for a third party to record transactions, blockchain technology can help companies create lower-cost solutions that are more secure and cross-platform than those that are available today. Blockchain eliminates the risk of lost records by distributing ownership across a network of computers instead of storing it in one place. All users have access to the entire history of their transactions and can prove ownership at any given time. Assets cannot be accidentally or intentionally destroyed or altered because each user on the network has an identical copy of every transaction ever made.

NFTs and Art

Non-fungible tokens are a type of digital asset that’s been getting lots of attention recently. NFTs are a way to buy, sell and trade ownership of digital media. If you’re an established brand with a loyal following, offering your prospects a chance to purchase an NFT from you is an excellent way to build brand loyalty and position yourself as an innovator. By selling tokens on platforms like OpenSea and Rarebits, you can reach early adopters or tech audiences who may not already be familiar with your brand name or product offerings—these platforms allow you to access a broader audience. The Future of Blockchain The important thing to understand about the blockchain is that it’s a decentralized database that is encrypted, immutable, and secure. The blockchain began with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but has expanded to many different applications because it has an advantage over separate databases and is secure and transparent. Anything that needs to be accounted for can be stored on the blockchain. The downside is that the blockchain uses enormous amounts of computing power and energy. However, with prices affecting all industries, the solution to generating cheaper energy is being tackled by governments and global organizations alike. This is a top-priority issue, so it’s sure to be solved within the next decade. How Sliice Can Help SliiceXR can rapidly develop a metaverse experience. We work with designers, artists, and coders who are plugged in to the trends and preferences of the Gen Z market. Contact Sliice Marketing. We are the first global agency dedicated to metaverse marketing and design. We will build crystal clear messaging that resonates with your audience in and out of the metaverse. Don’t go it alone—partner with Sliice to gain visibility in the metaverse and stake your claim today. #blockchain #metaverse Watch our video here. 1 view0 comments Post not marked as liked Recent Posts See All The Future of Metaverse Marketing 10 Post not marked as liked Global Investment in the Metaverse 20 Post not marked as liked 10 Job Opportunities in the Metaverse 20 Post not marked as liked Comments Write a comment... © 2022 Sliice Marketing - All Rights Reserved Be a SociaLight and Follow Us:

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