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10 Job Opportunities in the Metaverse

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

If you’re interested in the metaverse, you are in the right place at the right time! The job market is about to explode in the metaverse, and visionaries like you will claim the greatest rewards. This brave new world will need creators, coders, facilitators, and lots of them. A mass exodus from the internet as we know it into the avatar-driven, 3D immersive environments of the future is in full progress. You may have heard about some of the jobs I list; others are entirely new. Careers in XR pay at least $2000/month, but some pay as much as $10,000. All you need is training and software, so the startup costs are low.

Metaverse Developer or World Designer Development is one of the most skilled jobs on the list. However, if you’ve always wanted to become a programmer or 3D game artist, starting in XR is a great entry point for a few reasons. Horizon Worlds, in particular, offers an in-world software development kit, or SDK, that makes drag-and-drop world creation a snap. You’ll have to level up for commercial applications and learn C, Python, Unity or Unreal, and Blended, but the creator community offers support and free training. Real-world architects also find jobs in metaverse design. Building use and function are essential for significant investments like malls and office buildings. Coding competitions with cash rewards incentivize you to learn fast. You can make a living in months instead of the years it takes to land a job in traditional programming.

Metaverse Marketing Specialist Innovative companies want to get in on the ground floor of the metaverse boom. However, many executives and marketing heads don’t even know what the metaverse is, much less how to create a brand presence there. That’s where metaverse marketing consultants and specialists come in. Soon, all companies will want a metaverse expert on staff. It will become a hot job like social media managers were in the 2010s. Educate yourself on how to get worlds built, metaverse campaign planning, and metaverse commerce; you’ll be a hot commodity.

XR Event Planner This job is so new that you won’t find listings for it on LinkedIn. However, that’s about to change. Concerts, social games, parties, business mixers, and gatherings are the most popular way to spend time in the metaverse. Remember, one of the conditions of the metaverse is that it’s social. Worlds, product lines, NFT projects, books, films–if something can be premiered, launched, or dropped in the real world, it can be released virtually. Remote experiences are here to stay, and virtual events require guest lists, scheduling, ambiance, activities, talent, coding, testing, and professionals to manage all these tasks. XR event planning is a great job to create for yourself as an entrepreneur. Make a name for yourself before the competition heats up.

Metaverse Community Manager A similar career path to managing events in VR is organizing metaverse communities. This job combines group moderation, event scheduling, social media management, meeting facilitation, and professional networking. A metaverse community manager creates, promotes, and leads on-brand group activities in the metaverse. The community manager’s primary job is to create belonging and identity connected to the company they represent. Guidelines and digital engagement strategies are followed to expand their brand’s online community.

XR Content Creator The metaverse, NFTs, and XR are hot topics. News outlets and the public are hungry for information. With monthly searches for the keyword “metaverse” at two-and-a-quarter million per month, you have a ready-made audience waiting to consume your specialty content, including YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, journalism, copywriting, and more. Again, the earlier you get in, the better your chances of being discovered. Plus, as a content creator, you have the power to influence how the metaverse unfolds. Both freelance and in-house opportunities abound for XR writers and creators.

Actors and VR Video Producers Like other social platforms, the metaverse is performative, especially for brands. Brand ambassadors are needed to lead experiences in virtual worlds. Documentarians are needed to record videos, images, and audio so that brands can share what is happening with those who have yet to discover VR and simulations. Work for actors includes avatar-led product demos, tours of VR worlds, attendees at launches, emcees for events, models, etc. Recording videos and taking photos inside the metaverse is another aspect of this type of job.

NFT Creator and Digital Artists Non-fungible token development is a rapidly growing area of employment. As an NFT creator, you will build different kinds of NFT projects, such as avatars, wearables, art, and other items. Beyond minting items for sale, understanding the blockchain and smart contracts from soup to nuts is a hot skill. Many of these new metaverse jobs cross over from the real world. Fashion designers, architects, visual artists, filmmakers, all these creative goods have or will have a metaverse equivalent.

NFT Investor You’ll need money to spend upfront to make a living in NFT investments. This isn’t a career choice for the risk-averse. Furthermore, this may be a now-or-never opportunity. However, if you have the personality for this kind of work, research and psychology are your friends. You will not know which NFTs to invest in or flip unless you’re deeply engaged with the NFT trading community. Spend time on Discord and Twitter to monitor trends. Talk to other traders and investors.

Metaverse Land Developer Similar to collectible NFTs, metaverse land is a hot commodity. You can buy, sell, and rent digital land. The best investments are in high-traffic areas of the metaverse. Of course, the property’s location means less if you develop an irresistible attraction. For example, a parcel of land in Decentraland’s fashion district may be the best buy if you want to build a haberdashery. On the other hand, an amusement park with a nightly fireworks show might do just as well in the inexpensive fringe lands. Landlording is another business opportunity. You can command top dollar for rentals if you have a gorgeous venue, a hot art gallery, or a virtual mall.

World Tester Last but not least, all these experiences and games need testing. Join metaverse creator communities to find opportunities to test. As a world tester, you will submit reports on bugs, glitches, and your overall experience. Sometimes you have the chance to give design notes and recommendations to improve flow and enjoyment. This job doesn’t pay a tremendous amount of money, but it’s fun, you get to try to break things, and it doesn’t require much training.

The future of work is moving into the metaverse. Astounding advancements in virtual and augmented reality happen daily. If you decide to join the XR revolution and step into the fast-moving current of metaverse careers, expect a wild and exciting ride. In less than a year, metaverse world development and virtual marketing campaigns have overshadowed the demand for our traditional marketing packages at SliiceXR.

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