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10 Emerging Metaverse Trends You Don't Want to Miss!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Go on vacation without leaving your home, rent an AI companion, eat and drink in the metaverse. Let’s take a trip to the future. Here are ten metaverse trends you don't want to miss!

ONE - AI Humans

Soon, AI companions, brand-embodied avatars, and virtual influencers will be commonplace in the metaverse. Your avatars will interact with AI-powered digital characters for a variety of reasons, from brand awareness to digital romance. AI beings already use data science to generate speech, tone, and reactions that match your preferences. These personified programs will mimic our personalities and mindsets not only to sell us products and services but to provide mental health services or train us for a new job. We will also be able to acquire AI companions on a subscription model.

TWO - Virtual Work

You will use virtual environments for customer engagement, remote work, training, immersive collaboration, and productivity experiences. Work teams will be able to access dedicated work apps like Spatial, Gravity Sketch, and Arthur. Companies will be able to choose from a wide variety of different environments to work in and add logos, posters, and more to match their style, branding, and culture. Working in VR will become even more comfortable than working from home because of the social and collaborative environment.

THREE - Shared Experiences

Sporting or performing arts events allow spectators to share experiences with friends from physically distant locations. These experiences will become the next huge commercialization of the metaverse. Esports are skyrocketing in popularity, with millions of people viewing last year’s League of Legends finals, for example. Big-name musical artists are already making headlines with their 3D immersive concert experiences, but that’s only the start. Event visitors can be invited to purchase access to VIP areas within virtual reality and to purchase gifts for themselves or others. Innovative ways to stage games, art installations, festivals, shopping experiences, and much more are in the plans for the near future of the metaverse.

FOUR - A Tokenised Economy

A new asset class made possible by the blockchain is driving the development of a new economic model. People can now possess tokenized assets, especially as NFTs - a way to buy, sell and trade ownership of digital media. The blockchain eliminates the risk of lost records by distributing ownership across a network of computers instead of storing it in one place. All users have access to the entire history of their transactions and can prove ownership at any given time. Assets cannot be accidentally or intentionally destroyed or altered because each user on the network has an identical copy of every transaction ever made.

FIVE - Travel

Major cruise lines and resorts will soon offer travel products and services, including full-package virtual vacations. Visiting some of the world’s most stunning places in a high-definition VR environment will become safe and easy. Visit real locations worldwide, including Iceland, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, and Mars, or take your vacation on a fictional world. Travel to Middle-Earth, visit the Ewoks on Endor, or fly with dragons in King’s Landing. These vacations are accessible to everyone, no matter how old or mobile they are. Furthermore, virtual vacations are far more affordable and less environmentally damaging than traditional travel.

SIX - Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is digital augmentation transposed upon the naturally occurring environment surrounding the user. Currently, this simulation is produced by cameras mounted to the outside of a non-transparent visor, but the technology is being pushed forward at a startling rate. The Oculus Pro uses pancake lenses and spacial audio to deliver high-resolution mixed reality passthrough in full color that lets you see and engage with the physical world around you. Expect amazing breakthroughs in the areas of AR and spatial computing.

SEVEN - VR Games

More immersive fantasy worlds will become easier to create, and a huge catalog of unique gaming experiences will soon be available through the cloud. The uses of gaming and ways to purchase games will expand well beyond their current boundaries. Because of the influence of the metaverse, this market for games will explode. By 2025, game revenues are expected to reach $194.7 billion, and the line between what is a game and what is not will blur.

EIGHT - Food Service

Food in the metaverse! Impossible, you might say. Well, McDonald’s, Kraft, In-N-Out Burger, Del Monte, Hooters, Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, Panera Bread, Wingstop, Panda Express, Tyson Foods, Carl’s Jr, and other food giants have all filled for multiple trademarks such as home delivery, downloadable food and beverage multimedia files, and nonfungible merchandise. What this really means is hard to say. I, for one, can’t wait to find out!

NINE - Virtual Wellness

Health services in a virtual setting include non-emergency medical treatment services, wellness programs, and counseling related to nutrition, health, and lifestyle will soon be available. Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, and stunning visuals are already one of the most popular applications for the metaverse. Staying fit has never been easier or more fun. Choose HIIT, boxing, dance, or whatever workout that fits your mood. Anyone who gets bored of the same old workouts will enjoy the virtual alternative because of the seemingly endless number of options available.

TEN - Mainstream Adoption

For the metaverse to gain widespread adoption, it must develop features that average people would find useful. Video game development still receives the majority of investments and technological advances. However, with health, friends, work, travel, games, and food all being delivered through the metaverse, the lines between the internet, the real world, and VR will combine to become our new reality.

Time for our questions of the week.

What do you think the biggest metaverse trend of 2023 will be?

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